Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Seven point evaluation

1.i have taken some conventions that I have seen and used them in my sight, the conventions that I have used are very effective and make the website look better and perform better, these conventions are things such as my main bar at the top with heading and phone number also I have used things such s rollovers and different page links this makes the sight much easier to use. Although I have used similar ideas from some sight I have made my website my own by changing and tweaking some aspects such as different fonts and font sizes. I have made lots of comparisons with other sites the site I used the most for ideas was the main Multiple sclerosis.

2. I have done a survey which was passed around to a group of 30 different people, from this survey I have found that MS is not a common disease and one that very few people have heard of, the age group that new the most about the illness was much older these were the people who have been affected by MS either themselves or people that they have known. As Ms can effect us at any time in our lives and can effect any type of person I have made my website appealing to everyone by the layout and the colours I have used, from the survey I have found that the people using my site will have been effected by the illness in some way so I have included a lot of information and research into my website so that people can find out more about the illness. My website consists of lots of different bright colours these colours were put there to try and make people happy whilst on my website they are also there as they are very eye-catching and will hopefully draw people onto the website

3.the audience I focused on whilst creating my website were the older generation but in fact MS can effect everyone from small children to old people as if someone who has it in your family or someone you know of has the illness it will effect you. It is however important to aim it at your target audience so all the content in my website is aimed at the older generation, I have put more in depth research into my website than I would of done if it were to be aimed at say children where I would have placed more pictures and videos.

4. the audience of my website are people who have all been effected by MS so I have tried to grab there attention by using bright bold colours that gives across a sense of happiness, although it has a very bright layout all the content of my website is very serious, I have tried to put as much detail into my website as possible so that people can find out anything to do with MS so that people will know that this is a good place to go to if they want to find out information. I have also attracted an audience by making my website known by putting it into the public domain so that people may see it and visit my website.

5.my website addressed all audience I think and would be appealing whoever is trying to find out information about this illness, I have done this by making the website smart but I have also used bright colours and fonts that would make it appealing to both the young and old.

6. The things that I have learnt about the technology used to make a website are that website are used for all different things after all the research I have had to do, and can be found anywhere e.g. phones laptops etc. I have learnt all about making a website on a new piece of software to me which was ‘I web’ once I picked it up I found it really easy and simple to use, I now know a lot more about the programs I have used whilst making this site . this was also the first time I had used this type of computer, it took me a while but once I got used to it I could then use it efficiently to complete my work.

7. I have learnt much more since completing my first website which I found very difficult as it was new software to me, since then I have learnt many different techniques and ways of making a website I feel that my second website was much improved as I had learnt these things and become familiar with them, also I found the computers hard to work at forst as I had never used this type of computer but after a while I became used to it and was able to make my work a much better standard because of it, now that I have learnt all of this I am sure it will come in very handy in the future if I ever come across this type of thing again.

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